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Wedding DJ in Houston, Bilingual DJ and Master of Ceremonies DJ Francisco

Wedding DJ in Houston

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About DJ in Houston

For the Best Wedding DJ in Houston, you’ve come to the right place. DJ Francisco is one of the best options for experienced DJ from Houston. With over 20 years of professional, Successful, 5-Star. Positive Reviews. Francisco serves the Entire Houston Area, including The Woodlands, Conroe, Beaumont, Katy, Pearland, Angleton, Galveston, Freeport, Humble, Kingwood, Baytown, Beaumont, and even traveled to Dallas, Fort Worth, Lousiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas on a few occasions.

Elegante Entertainment

Trust your event to Elegante Entertainment, an experienced Wedding DJ Company. We are dedicated to providing the most reliable and Highest quality DJ Service for your wedding or any other special occasion. Just read our reviews, you’ll understand why past clients LOVE us.

DJ Services Offered

We are a full-service entertainment company. At Elegante Entertainment we provide:

Our DJs will play the best hits at your event, so that all your guests, no matter where they may be from will get a chance to dance. That means that everyone there will have the opportunity to have a great time! Additionally, our professional DJs will treat you with the utmost care and respect. We are careful to only play the clean version of the best music out there. Also, we make sure to respect your guests and your vision of your event. That is why we are one of the most sought-after entertainment companies near the greater Houston area.

What Makes us The Best Wedding DJ in Houston?

During the booking process, a great wedding DJ asks a lot of questions. One that is interested in your vision for your wedding. We ask questions like what’s your vision for your wedding. Even if you don’t know at the time. A simple answer like, ” I just want everyone to dance,” or “I just want to enjoy my day with my family,” or even “I just want a DJ to do what I tell him to do.”

It’s our job as professionals to make suggestions on how we can help you achieve that goal.

What you want to avoid is the DJ that “Knows it All.” There is a difference between knowledge and arrogance. An arrogant DJ will not be open to your ideas and will ultimately, do what’s best for him, not you, the client.

On the day of the event, a great DJ will arrive super early to set up. He or she must have the proper music already loaded into his music player or computer. Provide adequate equipment for the size of the venue. Dress properly for the occasion.

Once the event starts, a great DJ wedding DJ will run through the wedding reception program. The DJ should be friendly to the guests and accommodating to any person that comes up to him.

A great wedding DJ will also have a proven track record and organic reviews of past events he’s done.

Because we follow this model, that makes us the Best Wedding DJ in Houston, and your best option for a fun wedding reception.